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“I believe supporting and working with youth is one of my greatest strengths. Working with youth is truly a gift from God and the Lord gives me different strategies, opportunities and engaging activities to support and teach the youth in godly living. Our youth need examples to follow and I am thankful God has chosen me to be a light.


I believe salvation is very important and I've heard that most people come to Jesus Christ between the ages of 8 and18, this is why I believe bringing the Word of God is so critical to our youth.



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"I try to make this youth service a space where they can have fun and also learn about the Word of God. 


My desire is to build a community of youth that can grow in Christ and help me with the ministry, for our youth to be an example in our community and to serve our community.


My Sisters and Brothers also want to teach the youth and children that they do not need to lose their faith in order to be  successful." -Pastor Erasto Nova

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