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Do not worry

Like all the Saturdays, the past Saturday, August 22, 2020, we reunited with the group of youth with the purpose of studying the word of God and enjoy a good time together.

Pastor Erasto Initiated the bible study by sharing a testimony about a relationship that he had when he was younger. He shared that he liked the prettiest girl in the school and he was worried because he did not know if she wanted to go out with him and this terrified him. He shared that he was not ready to be in a relationship with someone and he was not able to speak to his parents since they would not let him go out with the girl. He had to seek God and pray to God about his worries.

Since he liked this girl, he told God, “if you make this girl asked me out, I will go to church and I will pray more.” He turned to God because he needed someone to do the impossible. Time passed and God answered Erasto’s prayer, the girl invited him to go out but Erasto decided not to do it since God told him she was not the one.

Erasto and the girl decided to go out but after Erasto noticed that the girl was going out with other people. This provoke a bad experience therefore God told him she was not the one. Erasto put his worries on God, the Lord responded but Erasto did not listen. After Pastor Erasto’s testimony, we read the book of Luke chapter 10 and the youth interpret the story of Martha and Mary that speaks about when Jesus went to the house of Martha and Mary.

Mary sat at Jesus's feet to listen to his teachings while Martha was distracted trying to serve him. Martha instead of focusing on Jesus's teachings she allowed that her worries distracted her. Martha was overwhelmed because she had a lot to do and she wanted Mary to help her. Her worry was that Mary was not helping her and that Mary was at Jesus's feet. Jesus told Martha that was troubled with all things that the only important thing was to pay attention and listen to his teachings and this was exactly what Mary chose.

In conclusion, we learned that we cannot worry about anything because God can do the impossible. Sometimes we let what others are doing worry us and we need to listen to God not worry about things that we face daily. God is in control of everything and we cannot take our eyes from our goal that is Jesus Christ.

Thank you Maria for the donations!

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