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God always has a plan!

Praise the Lord! This Saturday was an important message for "Rise Up" youth group. Our Pastor focused to Proverbs chapter 19 verse 21 which says "There are many plans in a man's heart, Nevertheless the Lord's council- that will stand". Pastor Nova explained to the youth group, we all have plans for the future, and whatever the plan(s) we have, always make sure to discuss our plans with the Lord! This is because, whatever The Lord has in store for us, he will certainly make sure- it is overlapping our plans because God is in control and he can see past our plans.

Pastor Nova also explained the reason why it is important to walk in the path of the Lord. Advising us that walking in the path of the Lord will give us/believers a (state of) mind of peace, joy, love, and happiness, but the devil will give us stress, worry, and depression. For example the Pastor explained that when the pandemic broke out everyone was walking with worry and depression but the believers who were not walking in fear, were truly walking in the path of God. Pastor Nova then gave us a demonstration of what it looks like to walk in the path of God. He used one student to act as the worshipper of the Lord and he used himself to represent God, and when the Lord took a step the student followed; This signified that when we are walking in the path of the Lord we are doing exactly what the Lord is telling us to do by walking in faith!

"Rise Up" youth program of Unity and Prayer would also like to give a Thank You to Gina, Maria, and Karina for their kind donations of food to the program & in helping to serve the Lord, we deeply appreciate your donations, Glory to God.

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