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Jesus is life

Actualizado: 18 dic 2020

On the Saturday of 11/21/2020 we came together once again with the youth group, taking into consideration that the majority of the youth program have to attend classes virtually we have decided to include quality time to help the youth with their school assignments.

Many parents don't have the availability to be aware of their children's homework and classes due to the difficult time we are presented with when it comes to the new school system, thats why we have decided to include on hour of the program to help them with their classes so that they can stay up to date with their assignments.

After we finish the assignments we than take a moment to gather in a circle and share what we are thankful for, in that moment it us very valuable to hear how how the children are grateful for their families, for having God in their lives, and to be participating in the program for youth. Then we went on to study the word of God and this past Saturday we talked about the faithfulness of God and about how Jesus is the way to truth and to life.

We read John chapter 11 verse 21. “And Martha said to Jesus: Lord if you had been here my brother would have not died.”. We talked about the history of Lazarus, and how Jesus brought him back to life after several days of death. We emphasized how Jesus brought him back to life because he is life and how he keeps his promises. When God says he will do something he does it.

We talked about the different ways we can die, and how easy it is, and for that very reason is that we need God because he is the one who will give us eternal life. We also talked about how the body that God will give us in the next life is incorruptible, we will not get sick, but to have this body we have to be faithful to God, be born again and live as he wants us to live.

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