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Being a Witness!

Actualizado: 19 dic 2020

Last Saturday 12/09/2020 we met with the young people in order to study the Word of God and have a good time together. We started the day by having a time of prayer and praise, then we read Proverbs 3 and 4.

Pastor Erasto begins with reading a message Acts chapter 1 verses 6 to 8 and then he asked the young people the following question: Who knows what it's like to be a witness?

Several young people responded that being a witness is witnessing something that happened or being present when something happens, then we did a dramatization of a crime scene to give an example of what it is to be a witness. The scene consisted of someone who had hit another person with a brick and the police needed someone who had seen what happened to fulfill the function of being a witness.

Then the Pastor explained to us how the 12 disciples were witnesses of Jesus because they saw Jesus walking in the water and they saw the miracles that he did. The Pastor also told us that the fact that the disciples were witnesses of Jesus is reason enough to continue believing.

We were talking about why we can't go to heaven and why we should believe in Jesus. The Pastor told us that sin is the only thing that prevents us from going to heaven and the only person who forgives our sins is God and for that reason we have to believe in Him and be obedient, Jesus is the one who brings peace, He is the way, truth and light.

Pastor Erasto also explained to us the meaning of being Holy, he told us that to be Holy is to be separated from sin, he spoke to us about how God left us the Holy Spirit to guide us and that this is achieved by believing in Jesus and in what He did on the Cross for us. He also told us about the different types of spirits, he told us that, just as the Spirit of God exists, in the same way there are the Devil Spirits and these are the ones that lead people to do bad things and disobey God, these spirits they also don't want us to be with God.

To conclude, the Pastor told us about how the devil wants to be like God, he wants us to be selfish and not think about others and his goal is to separate ourselves from God, that is why we must be saints, obey God, repent in order to obtain the Holy Spirit and thus have the power to stop sinning and be able to be holy.

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