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We all have sinned

To begin, every Saturday of the month, we meet with a growing group of youth at our church. Every week we all come together with the intention of studying the Word of God while having a good time together. Today 08/15/2020 was a special day because five youth had special parts, praised the Lord, read the Word of God, had a moment of prayer, and received a powerful Word of God from a Bible Study our Pastor shared.

Before having the study, we talked about the importance of respecting others and how we should respond when someone corrects us. This topic is very important for the youth and people of all ages. We also spoke about desiring correction, especially because correction should always come from a place of Love so we can improve on our attitudes, ideas, behaviors, etc.

The pastor began the study by asking the young people if they knew what God commandments were and why we should keep them. Our Pastor then enlightened us on the two most important commandments that God gave: “Love God with all your heart, with all your mind, all your soul and with all your strength and you love your neighbor as yourself. We also shared and talked about how at some point in our lives, we all have broken the commandments of God and this is why we desperately need Him; We also talked about how we must comply with these commandments and stop sinning in order to obtain salvation and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Interestingly, most people believe they are “good people.” And Pastor Erasto lead a discussion asking the youth if they believe that they are “good” people and many answered with great confidence "Yes.” During this discussion we begin to read Mark 10: 17-27 which speaks about how no one is good, only God is good. In this bible reading, we also learned how Jesus corrected the man who asked him how he could have eternal life. And although the man got angry because he was corrected, believing that he had it all together he was in fact missing one thing! Jesus examined his life and give life-giving advice/ correction out of love. This chapter also tells us that nothing is impossible for God because with God all things are possible.

In conclusion, today we learned that we are all sinners. God commands us all to repent no matter how big or small our sins are. We also learned that we need to be corrected in order to improve, that no one is good, only God is good, we all need God and we must stop sinning in order to obtain salvation. And although at times it may seem impossible to stop sinning, with the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can stop sinning. Every day we have to trust in the Lord to forgive us and produce righteous/ holy living in our lives, after all with God nothing is impossible.

God commands us to repent, it doesn't matter how big or small your sin is.

Thank you Gina for the donation!

- Katrina N.

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